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Simi Surgery Center FAQ

Questions you might ask when choosing a surgical center for your outpatient procedure:

Are you currently licensed by the state of California to provide ambulatory surgical services?

Including pediatric and geriatric patients?


Including all types of anesthesia?

We offer General, MAC, Epidural,and Bier Block.

Are you an approved Medicare provider?


Are you fully accredited by A.A.A.H.C.?


Do you have an ongoing Quality Improvement and Risk Management program?


Are the Post Anesthesia Care nurses A.C.L.S. certified?


Who are the owners of the surgical center?

  • Moe Amadpour M.D.
  • Robert Moghimi M.D.
  • Daniel Niku M.D.
  • Mahendra Patel M.D.
  • Shashi Reddy M.D.
  • Vipin Tandon M.D.
  • Devinder Kumar M.D.
  • Amit Gupta D.O.
  • Mayur Trivedi M.D.

Are the Pediatric Post Anesthesia Care nurses P.A.L.S. certified?

What type of emergency equipment is available?
Glidescope, LMA emergency airway kit, defibrillator, tracheostomy tray, portable oxygen tanks, ambu bags (adult and pediatric), cricothyrotomy kit, crash cart, and malignant hyperthermia cart.

Does the center have emergency and regular equipment for all age patients?
Yes, adult and pediatrics.

What is the center's preventative maintenance program?


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